In Ukraine, they launched a mobile add-on “Show the alarm”: how to greet them

In Ukraine launched a mobile add-on «Povtryana alarm» In Ukraine launched an addendum «After an alarm», which promptly informs about the ear and completion of the repeated alarm, it was reported to the Ministry of figures. 

about help, chemistry, technogenic or else see the alarms of the civil defense system, call the silent or sleep mode of your smartphone.

You can install the program with the help of Google Play Market or AppStore.

Potim The program needs to give warnings and important warnings.

Select the area, you need to take care of the alarms.

Then, in online mode, you can see the cob and end of repeated alarms.


Prog the frame does not registration, does collect personal data and data about geolocation.  data about geolocation.   already available in the following areas: Vinnytska, Volynska, Donetsk, Zakarpatska, Kyivska, Lvivska, Poltavska, Rivnenska, Kharkivska, Khersonska, Khmelnitska, Chernivetska.



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on Google News In Ukraine has launched a mobile add-on «Repeat the alarm»: how it koristuvatisya In Ukraine has launched a mobile add-on «About the Alarm»
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