In Ukraine, want to introduce a toll for trucks

“Ukravtodor” offers to charge truck owners for road use and thus receive additional funding to maintain the state roads in working condition.

В Украине хотят ввести платный проезд для грузовиков

This is stated in the registered in the Verkhovna Rada the bill number 3545 and No. 3544, reports “Hvil”.

The draft authors cite studies indicating that trucks wear out roads in 50 thousand times more than passenger cars, and in the tax system, this difference is not taken into account.

Thus, the “Ukravtodor” suggests charging the owners of trucks heavier than 12 tonnes for the use of public roads. The rate will be prescribed in a separate order, but the fines are known now:

• for the first violation of the penalty to the carrier 8 500 UAH and 3 UAH 220 driver;

• second violation — 6 460 UAH.

It should be noted that according to calculations of the authors of the bills, if the average rate is 1-3 UAH/km, the additional income received in the “Ukravtodor” will amount to 9 billion UAH (from calculation that in Ukraine, 1.5 million trucks, not counting foreign). The exact amount will depend on at what rate and on what roads will be charged.