In Ukraine will continue to work only one airport

On March 24, from 12:00 in connection with the quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus, the activity of all airports in Ukraine, in addition to “International airport “Boryspil”, is terminated.

В Украине продолжит работу только один аэропорт

As the Wave passes, the corresponding decree is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In addition to this, citizens are allowed to leave Ukraine for tourism purposes.

Thus, according to the document, from 12:00 on 24 March-3 April 2020, prohibited acceptance and sending of aircrafts, which carry out passenger transportation of persons and also carry out the journey for the purpose of tourism.

In addition, it prohibits the receiving and sending of aircraft operating passenger transportation, except transportation, which are implemented through the state enterprise “international airport “Borispol”.

It is emphasized that in case of impossibility of acceptance and dispatch of aircraft through the Boryspil international airport, it will be through the state enterprise “international airport “Lviv” named Daniel Galitsky, as a backup.