In Ukraine will increase taxes for sole proprietorship and will be loans at 5% per annum

In Ukraine from 1 July 2020 abolished the state monopoly on alcohol production. Now businesses of any form of ownership can obtain a license to engage in the production, wholesale trading and export of both food and medical alcohol.

В Украине повысят налоги для ФЛП и появятся кредиты под 5% годовых

On February 1, the designated start of the program of support of small and medium-sized businesses. Within its framework, the entrepreneur can borrow for five years to one and a half million hryvnias at 5% per annum, if its revenue does not exceed 25 million hryvnia, and it will create at least two jobs. If you create new jobs is planned, per annum is paid at the rate of 7%. But this percentage can be reduced if to take new employees (one percent each). If the revenue of the entrepreneur 25-50 million, he will be able to take a loan at 9% per annum.

In connection with changes in the level of the subsistence minimum and minimum wages in Ukraine in 2020 will change the size of the tax and single social contribution (ERU) for natural persons-entrepreneurs (FLP). FOP the first group will be monthly transferred to the budget UAH 1249,26, the second group — 1983,66 UAH. Sole proprietorships will list 1039,06 UAH ERUs and 3% of the income (if paying VAT) or 5% of income (if VAT is not paid).

Also will increase the maximum size of the tourist tax and property tax (the final size is determined by local authorities). Tourist tax for citizens of Ukraine — 23.62 in UAH per night, for foreigners — 236,15 UAH. Property tax — 70,85 UAH per sq. m.

This year the law about turnover of agricultural land in Ukraine is not accepted, but the moratorium, valid until 31 December on its purchase/sale is not extended. However, from 1 January, the moratorium continues, according to the website Gosgeokadastra.