In Ukraine will put into circulation a new 200 hryvnia

The updated banknote of 200 hryvnia national Bank of Ukraine will put into circulation on Tuesday, February 25.

В Украине введут в обращение новые 200 гривен

As the Wave passes, this reports the press service of the NBU.

It is noted that a line of new generation banknotes continues updated hryvnia banknote denomination of 20, 100, 500 and 1000 UAH.

It includes the main image of the banknote of 200 hryvnia previous sample and, moreover, has similar dimensions and a similar color scheme.

The NBU emphasize that she had received enhanced protection. Accordingly, it improved the tactile elements of print, including the item for people who have visual impairments. In addition, it changed and improved ultraviolet and infrared protection, and the serial number of the black colour made font with variable height characters. It is located vertically along the right edge of the reverse side of the banknote.

It is also noted that the banknote of 200 hryvnias old model does not need to be exchanged for updated bills. To pay they can for an unlimited period of time, the old banknotes of the respective denominations.