In Ukrainian supermarkets is the price of medical masks skyrocketed

During a pandemic coronavirus in Ukraine, Ukrainian supermarkets inflated their prices to the space.

В украинских супермаркетах цены на медицинские маски взлетели до небес

About it Ukrainians write in social networks and publish photos with the shocking prices a cheap product, reports Wave.
For example, the supermarket chain Novus box of 50 masks sell for 1200 hryvnia, and the packaging is 100 Grand from Odessa on the website for sale in 1400 hryvnia — and it’s still at a discount.

Also pack of 5 masks in the supermarket “Great Kyshenya” is sold at 115 USD.

“This is the bottom or we still have far to fall” — asked Michael Schneider.

As it turned out, to fall there is much more.

Well, in the end, Schneider showed a video from the supermarket, which depicted a man who probably did not have enough money for a bandage.