In Utah, the man won over a network an original way of visiting fast food restaurants. VIDEO

Blogger on YouTube Colleen Randle from Utah loves them and enjoys experimenting with technique. He recently assembled motodiva — monster, consisting of the sofa, wheels, frames, children’s bikes and powerplant from a powered paraglider. And all to go with my friend some nuggets and smoothies in McDonalds. This writes Meduza.

В Юте мужчина покорил сеть оригинальным способом посещения фастфуд-ресторанов. ВИДЕО

Photo: Depositphotos

Randle and his friend did everything according to safety regulations: wearing safety glasses and helmets (one of those helmets had horns). Passers-by were photographed and recorded on video drivers motodiva.

Could not hide the surprise and the staff of McDonalds, serving motorists. The quoted dialogue caught in the roller Randle:

— Can six nuggets, please?

— Hell… …

Order seem odd to you?

— No… Just you have a strange machine!

After receiving the order, it appeared that Randle and his friend not have thought the most important thing — bought smoothies have nowhere to put (the Cup holders-it is not!). I had to hold their legs. The blogger was worried that motodiva will stop and be taken away by the police. But the outing was to the diner without any problems.

And Randle flew to Breakfast at Burger King on the motoplan.