[IN VIDEO] A policeman shoots a teenager who eats a hamburger

[EN VIDÉO] Cop shoots teen eating hamburger


A police officer, who has since been fired, faces criminal charges after shooting a teenager who was eating a burger in his car, according to WOAI-TV.  

The San Antonio, Texas Police Department has released body camera footage of the incident on October 2.

To 10:45 p.m. that evening, a police officer, identified as James Brennand, was called to a McDonald's restaurant due to a “disturbance”.

In speaking with witnesses regarding this “disturbance “, he would have noticed a vehicle which had escaped him the day before during a roadside check. Mr. Brennand believed that the car had been stolen.

Four other police officers arrived as reinforcements. The police officer reportedly opened one of the vehicle's doors and ordered the driver to get out. That one happened to be Erik Cantu, 17, who was eating a burger, according to body camera footage.

The teen then put the car in reverse, leaving the side door driver opened, hitting James Brennand in the process.

It was at this moment that Mr. Brennand allegedly fired at Erik Cantu's car. 

Police allegedly found Cantu's car a block away, but neither he nor his 17-year-old female passenger was inside.

The teen was initially charged with escape with a vehicle and assault lanes. serious fact. Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales, however, announced he was dropping charges against Cantu.

According to WOAI-TV, Mr. Brennand was arrested on Tuesday, October 11. He was charged with aggravated assault and was released on bail on October 12.