[IN VIDEO] Riot police intervene against pro-climate protesters in Germany

[IN VIDEO] Riot police intervene against pro-protesters climate in Germany


About 150 pro-climate protesters from various organizations attempted to block a delivery of natural gas on a railway in Hamburg, Germany, this Saturday. 

< p>According to “Reuters”, the demonstrators were dressed in white overalls and equipped with a yellow mask.

German police quickly put an end to the demonstration by arresting many people .

The security forces did not go out of their way to extricate the demonstrators from the rail network.

On the images, we can see police riot rs be deployed to overcome the blockade.

These pro-climate movements come at a time when Germany fears shortages of natural gas for the winter, due to tensions with Russia and the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

In the event of a shortage, the country recently announced the use of coal to compensate for the losses of liquefied natural gas from Russia.