In Vietnam sank 71-year-old Russian: from the shore at a depth of only two feet she had a stroke (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Во Вьетнаме утонула 71-летняя россиянка: у берега на глубине всего полметра у нее случился инсульт (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

In Vietnam, on the beach, ham Tien Binh Thuan province, died 71-year-old citizen of Russia.

Woman on the beach found at 16:30, 25 Oct. The stories of the people vacationing on the beach, an elderly Russian woman was in the water, when suddenly began to sink. Although in that place the depth was about half a meter, to save the woman failed. Despite quickly summoned physicians, who had a resuscitation, she died.

According to the publication Ngon24h, local tourism Board announced the victim’s name is Love Nyquist, born in 1948. It arrived in Vietnam on vacation with his daughter.

The victim’s daughter told police that her mother had cardiovascular disease. It is not excluded that Nyquist drowned as a result of the stroke.

At present, authorities continue the investigation.