In Vinnytsia there was a karaoke taxi, where the fare can pay a song

В Виннице появилось караоке-такси, в котором за проезд можно расплатиться песней

Ukrainian taxi driver began to offer its passengers pay for the ride songs.

Only under the condition that customers agree to the placement of the video in which they perform their favorite songs on the YouTube channel of the driver-vlogger, writes UBR.

In the playlist of the taxi driver there are hundreds of thousands of songs. Passengers choose both Ukrainian and international hits, according to Reuters.

41-year-old taxi driver Andrew Turco, an IDP from Luhansk region, found in car karaoke system, “to discover new musical talents in his hometown of Vinnitsa,” says the Agency.

A taxi driver earns in Uber, so singing in his car customers. Most trips begin with the question whether a passenger sing. If people agree, the driver turns on the camera, attaches the microphone, the sound recording, and the passengers sing songs, going about their business.

Turco acknowledged that the project is not earning, but rather went into losses. And make of car karaoke, he decided two and a half months ago, when his village girl without sentiment. He began to sing, and the passenger smiled.

“Only one camera is now $500. But I believe in the success of their endeavors. I don’t think when the money starts to return, and in General, will they return”, says the taxi driver. And added that he hopes to convert his online broadcast channel for singers and musicians, earning at least on this.