In Virginia, the officer brought the rifle city Council meeting

City officials in Virginia have demonstrated support for the Second amendment to the US Constitution (the right to keep and bear arms), bringing a semi-automatic rifle in AR-15 on the city Council meeting. This writes Fox News.

В Вирджинии чиновник принес винтовку на заседание городского совета

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The decision of the Board member of the Portsmouth (VA), Nathan Clarke was made because the Council had to consider the question of how to make a city that supports the Second amendment. That would put Portsmouth in opposition regarding efforts to control weapons.

In the end, the Council vote passed with a score of 4 to 3. This incident occurred the night before in the capital of the state is preparing a meeting about human rights to carry and own guns.

But Clark angered at least two members of the Board in Portsmouth.

They said that Clark should have called ahead to tell them that he plans to bring guns, and one of them asked Clark to apologize for what he did.

“It was a shame,” said Vice mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke. Lucas Burke was among three Council members who voted against the recognition of the city that support the Second amendment. The other was a counselor Shannon Glover and mayor John Rowe. The report indicates that Glover was complaining that Clark’s act was stunning.

Another critic was Fred Guttenberg, the father of one of the victims of the shooting at the high school in Parkland (FL) in February of 2018, who accused Clark in the “open intimidation” and called on him to resign.

“No one seemed scared. The police were there and they knew I had a weapon,” said Clark. Other Council members supported the position of Clark.

“I don’t think Clark needs to apologize for what he used his right to bring his weapon to a public meeting,” wrote Board member bill Moody.

Gun owners in Virginia received support from the U.S. President Donald trump. The President said in his message on Twitter that the Second Amendment suffered a “very serious attack”.

“That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats — wrote tramp, they will take your guns”.

In mid-January a Democrat for Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency and said that temporarily prohibits people to carry firearms and other weapons on the Capitol grounds on the eve of the rally.

Activists of the movement for the weapon defied this order.

“The only people who are against guns in Virginia, the 20th, is the government, and they have weapons, — said one Twitter user. — Just think about it.”

But the judge of the County court of Richmond upheld the decision of Northam, denying the claim put forward by the League of protection of citizens of Virginia, as well as gun owners of America, demanding an injunction against the ban on the carrying of weapons from the Governor-Democrat.