In Washington, shooting survivors urge lawmakers to ban assault rifles

&In Washington, shooting survivors plead with elected officials to ban rifles. 'assault


Gathered at the foot of the US Congress, survivors of the recent shootings that have mourned America and parents of young victims on Wednesday implored elected officials to ban the sale of assault rifles, weapons used during of these massacres. 

“Our country has a problem, a huge problem,” Abby Brosio, who survived the Highland Park shootings near Chicago, said when a 21-year-old man opened fire on a National Day parade on March 4. July, killing seven and injuring more than thirty.

In 1994, Congress passed a law banning for ten years assault rifles, designed to cause maximum casualties, and certain high-speed magazines. ability. It expired in 2004 and sales have since soared, especially among young people.

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“I want you to imagine my face when my husband and I read our daughter's death certificate,” said Kimberly Rubio, mother of Lexi, a girl shot in the head in tears. attack on the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24.

“There is a question that should live” every elected representative of the United States Congress, she assured: “And if the killer never had access to an assault rifle? »

After the Uvalde tragedy, President Joe Biden pleaded for a ban on assault rifles, or at least to raise the legal age to 21 to obtain one. But the Republican opposition, very protective of the right of Americans to bear arms, refused to give the necessary votes for the adoption of this measure in Congress.

Nearly excruciating video of the shooting, released on Tuesday, shows the shooter almost nonchalantly entering the elementary school, pointing his gun at a room, opening fire, and only being bothered by police 74 minutes later, also reignited the anger of the parents of the victims.

“It's a shame to see how they acted”, denounced to AFP Javier Cazares, father of Jackie, she also fell under the bullets. “You see guys washing their hands, texting (…), the whole planet saw how cowardly they were for not having returned” to the classroom earlier, a he judged.