In Washington state weeds ‘captured’ highway: police 10 hours digging the car

In Washington state, rescue workers spent more than 10 hours to dig out cars and a truck, literally attacked the weed the roller coaster. The incident occurred on the eve of the New year. This phenomenon is called Tumblegeddon, writes the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

В штате Вашингтон сорняки ‘захватили’ шоссе: полиция 10 часов откапывала автомобили

Photo6 screenshot of the video twitter/ @wspd3pio

On Tuesday patrol Washington state Chris Thorson said that about 6:30 PM district it started to get a lot of 911 calls about the roller coaster that is blocking the roadway in the area about 20 miles (32,18 km) West of Richland, one of the three major cities of the state.

Thorson said that five cars and one truck were trapped plants. The Department of transportation of the state sent to the place of the ploughs, but they slowly cleared the road.

The wind speed was about 50 mph (80.4 km/HR), while rescuers tried to clear the road section with a length of about three football fields.

“When they got to the car, they had to manually dig it,” he said.

Tumblegeddon — a common occurrence on this stretch of road, said Thorson. However, for more than 20 years of living in this state, he’s never seen anything like it.

“The visibility was poor, causing the machine slowed down,” said he.

“When they stopped, the plants accumulated. They just taken the car for a few minutes. It’s kind of a strange mix of weather and circumstances. I don’t know how really else to explain it. That’s just weird. As a rule, in 99 percent of cases you can drive through the debris of weed”, he added.

According to Thorson, in this incident nobody suffered.

“Whenever you have a snowstorm, dust or icy roads, the problem is that the car continued to enter the district at a speed of 60 miles per hour,” said Thorson.

“Was New years eve. It happened 20 miles (32,18 km) from the city. We were lucky that no one drove into the area quickly and has not caused a massive accident”, — he added.