In wastewater in the United States found more particles of coronavirus than expected: what does it mean

Signs of coronavirus was discovered in the wastewater of Massachusetts at higher levels than expected by scientists. This writes the New York Post.

В сточных водах в США обнаружено больше частиц коронавируса, чем ожидалось: что это значит

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According to a new study, coronavirus was discovered in the wastewater of Massachusetts at higher levels than expected, suggesting that the number of patients with a diagnosis of undelivered much more than was previously known.

Researchers from the biotech startup Biobot Analytics has collected samples from the sewage in the city at the end of March.

Eric ALM, one of the authors of the study, which has not been subjected to expert evaluation, said that the public is not at risk of Contracting the virus from particles in the wastewater, but they can have the opportunity to indicate how widespread the virus.

“Even if these virus particles are no longer active or able to infect humans, they can still carry the genetic material, which can be detected using an approach called PCR (polymerase chain reaction) that amplifies the genetic signal is many orders of magnitude, creating billions of copies of the genome for each source of the virus,” said ALM.

The researchers together with a team from mit, Harvard and Brigham analyzed the samples and found that the number of particles of the coronavirus is at the level if it was infected 2,300 people.

But during testing in the region was only 446 confirmed cases, according to the study.

“It was interesting that our assessment was substantially higher than the number of confirmed cases,” said Mariana Matus, CEO and co-founder of Biobot

The researchers shared their findings with local representatives of public health said that there are probably hundreds of undetected cases.




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