In what diseases is absolutely impossible to drink cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is considered extremely beneficial, but there are diseases in which it is contraindicated. This was told by the dietician Eugene Arzamastsev.

При каких болезнях категорически нельзя пить клюквенный морс

— There is a contraindication, the cranberry is a berry and the drink from it illegal for people with gastritis with high acidity. They can get complications in their disease. Allergic to cranberries found, though not often, but possible. Cranberries can hurt those who are suffering from kidney stones. When excessive prolonged use of juice can cause the growth of stones, — said the expert.

The diagnosis of “gastritis” refers not to a separate disease, but a condition that is characterized by a complex of various pathological processes in the stomach. If the physician in the diagnosis making a mark “with high acidity”, it means that the body high levels of hydrochloric acid, which is part of gastric juice. Therefore, acidic berry in this case is contraindicated.

Thus, high-quality cranberry juice — the perfect drink for colds. To nutrients has not lost its properties, it is not recommended for long cooking, and sugar is replaced with honey (but putting honey to the cooled juice).

Doctors remind that the unsupervised use of cranberry can damage tooth enamel. So after each use the juice or the berries it is advisable to rinse your mouth well.