In Wisconsin shooting occurred at the brewery: 7 people died

Police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, confirmed that it was investigating a “critical incident” at the plant of the brewing company MillerCoors, writes the Express. We are talking about the man who opened massive fire on the people.

В Висконсине произошла стрельба на пивоваренном заводе: 7 человек погибли

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Initially about the shooting was reported by news anchors Toya Washington, writing about it in his Twitter. Also another local news source reported about numerous casualties, after which the news spread across America.

When reports emerged about the active arrow, the company urged his workers to find a safe place to hide from the attacker. E-mail employees received a letter stating that the shooter is inside or about 4 factory building South Packaging, on the stairs of the second floor.

One James Boles told local news that his wife Lasonya Ragdale trapped inside the building where a woman is sitting in the same room with colleagues or texting with my husband.

Police responded to a call at 14:11 local time. It is reported that the incident involved officers from the County Sheriff’s office Milwaukee police Department, Marquette University and U.S. marshals. Into place also there arrived the mayor of Milwaukee Tom Barrett.

Members of the public asked to stay away from the cordoned-off crime scene.

В Висконсине произошла стрельба на пивоваренном заводе: 7 человек погибли

Photo: a video frame YouTube/USA TODAY

MillerCoors, the company changed its name to Molson Coors Beverage Co. in 2019. Offices in Milwaukee, employs 610 people, who occupy positions as experts in management personnel, financial experts and employees of the Department of information technology. Recently, the company has converted some of its employees from Denver to Milwaukee.

Local news network WTMJ4-TV reported that nearby businesses such as Harley Davidson, was also blocked. The shooting occurred near primary, secondary schools and kindergarten nearby. The children and staff remained in closed buildings until the danger has passed.

They say that the gunman was a former employee of the company.

According to local newspaper Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in a shooting killed at least 7 people, including the shooter.




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