Income up to 100 thousand a year, the Russians have built a successful cleaning business in the United States and helps to open a business other immigrants

Many immigrants are interested in the question: how to open your business in a new country, to find customers and make this business profitable? It is no secret that even with the money to “start” many immigrants, not knowing the local laws and rules of business, just losing their savings.

Доход до 100 тысяч в год: россиянин построил успешный клининговый бизнес в США и помогает открыть свое дело другим иммигрантам

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In an interview ForumDaily Ivan Dyakov, a serial entrepreneur and founder of the cleaning company Cleaning All of US, shared the secrets that helped him build a successful cleaning business, and also spoke about the assistance his company is ready to provide those who dream about starting their own business in the United States.

Ivan, tell us how it all began.

The decision to open the cleaning company did not come immediately. It all started with the fact that I took orders for my web Studio to develop websites for small businesses in the United States. Among the clients were companies from different areas of cleaning. I created and configured the web sites, booking and online chats. Automated ordering, management of employees and payments for services. In parallel has developed a special online calculator which counts the cost of the service within the parameters of the apartment, the wishes of the client and duration of work.

Part of customers of my research helped to overcome the difficulties caused by the low level of English, as 90% of the orders began to come online, that is, to communicate directly with customers needed at a minimum.

At what point did you realize that you can do to run a successful cleaning business?

I have studied statistics which showed that in the U.S., more than 900 thousand companies and more than 3.5 million people are employed in the cleaning industry. With about $ 6 billion is a house cleaning – maid service residential real estate. Most companies are small but earn more than 100 thousand dollars a year. There are examples of companies with revenues in the tens of millions of dollars.

In fact, to enter the market and create a profitable business need any investment or a lot of time. Fortunately or unfortunately, the extra money I had, but it was the understanding, both through online tools – the website, the booking and the chat can create a more successful business than the competition. And I did not “reinvent the wheel”, and carefully studied the experience of industry leaders and has taken the best – what really works years in the United States.

So, you copied the successful experience of American companies have implemented their IT chips and that was enough?

Yes, practically it was. I understand what online and offline channels to attract customers work and a waste of money. I also helped that in my environment was the Americans, who immediately said that they as clients need, and what services are most needed.

For first orders I went myself and understand how needs to be built first dialogue with the client how to do the additional sales, what cleaning products work and which don’t. The first orders from the point of view of the quality of the cleaning I’ve done several orders of magnitude higher than expected for my customers. It also bore fruit almost immediately – about my company began to write in local social networks, and triggered one of the most effective advertising – “word of mouth”.

For the first two months in the database of the company was more than 60 clients, and by the end of the third — more than 100.

And most of it was recorded on the re-cleaning work developed for this loyalty system for regular customers.

Доход до 100 тысяч в год: россиянин построил успешный клининговый бизнес в США и помогает открыть свое дело другим иммигрантам

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What problems you faced, was it really as smooth as you say?

The first problem I encountered is the need for the most quick search of employees, as the growth of the customer base exceeded all of my expectations.

Second — the staff in most cases didn’t know English. Then I developed special scripts – ready phrases to work on site at the client, the scripts for additional sales, check list and instructions to ensure that all the work was carried out according to the standard of the company. Also I figured out, using what sources, you can quickly find employees.

We know that you sold your first cleaning company and focused on running similar projects “turnkey” for those who want to open a cleaning business in the United States. Why?

The decision to sell the company in Florida was due to the relocation of my family from Orlando to new York. Manage a cleaning business is quite difficult. But then I decided to scale your success, as I realized that by helping to create a business “turnkey”, I can find like — minded people- those who want to open a successful business in USA and looking for a proven and reliable business model for this.

How does your service run a successful cleaning business from the purchase of a franchise?

Firstly, this service is much cheaper than the purchase of a franchise. Secondly, we are looking for entrepreneurs who are planning to work under your brand and want to be fully independent. We set up everything you need for a successful business processes, and then the entrepreneur is engaged in business.

During the start of the company we help with issues such as financial and human resources, marketing, taking orders, call center, IT services and much more. That is, the entrepreneur is fully operational and proven business model, and he can only follow instructions.

How much is a pack of services on the organization of the cleaning business “turnkey”?

We do not hide our prices, and appreciate our partners and customers. The price for this service in our company is fixed and is $7 900. Without any hidden fees and “gotchas.”

The entrepreneur gets:

  • opening the company Bank account, the connection of payment systems;
  • adapted to a modern mobile device web site;
  • online chat and scripts to communicate with clients;
  • online booking with integrated online calculator;
  • CRM system for customers;
  • customized free online customer acquisition channels (up to three);
  • configured paid online customer acquisition channels (up to three);
  • promotional products offline channels for the first month of work;
  • checklists and service dialogues for employees;
  • list of tools, “chemistry”, the instructions of the head;
  • templates of contracts with employees.

Talking about the cost of services “turnkey business”, I would have said that the price for a similar service from American companies on average two times higher.

Доход до 100 тысяч в год: россиянин построил успешный клининговый бизнес в США и помогает открыть свое дело другим иммигрантам

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Is it possible to get advice from you how to create a cleaning business to attract your first customers, if you have questions on this subject?

Yes, we conduct a two-hour paid consultation on how to create a successful cleaning business. And I would note that it is often after the consultation, entrepreneurs decide to purchase the service “cleaning business”. Then the cost of the consultation later deducted from the total prices for the service.

Where to start to get the service of cleaning business “turnkey”?

To request a consultation with a representative of our company through the site: and also by sending an SMS or by calling +1-212-729-4580.

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