“Incredible beauty”: the singer changed his image and brought fans delight (photo)

«Невероятная красотка»: Ани Лорак сменила имидж и  привела поклонников в восторг (фото)

Living in Russia Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak suddenly changed the image, I cut some bangs and painted the hair. In the personal Instagramзнаменитость published fresh photos, writes a portal”.ru”.

In the frame of the artist posing in a silk blouse with an unusual print and a black leather skirt.

Hair artist became brighter due to the brown tide. Also Ani Lorak made a daring bangs.

“With a small step begins the road. Starts with smiles of happiness! A nice warm day!” — she signed the post.

«Невероятная красотка»: Ани Лорак сменила имидж и  привела поклонников в восторг (фото)

Fans were delighted with a new image of the singer by showering her with compliments. Someone is surprised to note that such an inconsequential detail, like bangs, made a star younger and less recognizable.

“You are incredible!!!”, “God, how beautiful”, “What krastota!!! With the mind to go”, “the Most beautiful, the best, lubly you Karrinochka”, “Very beautiful image!”, “Oooo, Busacca in boots, cool”, “Pretty woman!!!”, “How beautiful You are Caroline”, — write fans.

Also, many fans said that after the divorce, Caroline began to look significantly younger than his age. Discuss the picture on the singer looks about thirty years — no more. But the divorce was given to the star is not easy.

We will remind, not so long ago, 41-year-old Ani Lorak said that he had been able to find happiness. However, under the crown she does not intend. According to the artist, the breakup with her husband Murat Nalchajian was so painful that she now doesn’t believe in marriage. The celebrity added that her boyfriend, 27-year-old producer from the record label Black Star Egor Hleb, held the same views on life.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Ani Lorak visited in Italy presentation linen famous fashion house in Verona along with his lover Yegor Gleb, which no longer hides the relationship. 41-year-old Carolina for an evening out, chose a provocative outfit: black crop top to accentuate her ample bosom, a silk pantsuit pajamas, and supplemented with the image of shiny boots with heels.

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