Incredible scenes in one of the Polish towns. 10 years of imprisonment for less than PLN 2 full stop How is that possible?

An amazing story circulated in the media about a bizarre situation in which a young person may be imprisoned for 10 years for theft of PLN 1.30.

 Amazing scenes in one of the Polish towns. 10 years of imprisonment for less than PLN 2 dot How is it possible

As it turns out, the woman has stolen such a funny amount by breaking into someone else's car.

It is not known if she wanted to get rich

This is not the end of the story's curiosity, because the 29-year-old comes from the area of ​​& oacute ; in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, on June 28 this year, in the Sadki commune, she decided to get the change of money seen through the window of a closed Opel.

Wanting to get to the money, she decided to break the glass, I informs Deputy Justyna Andrzejewska, acting as KPP's press officer Nakło on the Noteć River. According to police reports, the thief returned the stolen staves to the owner under the supervision of uniformed men, and then she was detained at the police station.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the great problems that the Łobżenica resident will have, who was found almost 2 per mille of alcohol, and besides, it damaged someone else's property. Will the night spent in detention learn what?

The sub-commandant summarized the thief's behavior – on June 29, the investigators presented her with a charge of burglary and the destruction of a window pane worth 600 zlotys. The 29-year-old unreasonable behavior caused herself a lot of trouble and stand trial. Regardless of the value of the stolen property, the Criminal Code provides for a penalty of up to 10 years' imprisonment for burglary.