Incredibly: Dasha Astafieva gave a bold photo shoot in the glaciers of Iceland

Ukrainian singer and model Dasha Astafieva is a famous lover of candid shots and regularly delights and seduces fans of spicy images. Looking for curvaceous and uninhibited star, hard to believe she only recently got rid of complexes and become free from prejudice, superstition and other people’s opinions. Dora gladly takes part in various photo shoots, showing off her juicy shapes. For example, in a new photoshoot she posed… right among the glaciers!

Невероятно: Даша Астафьева устроила смелую фотосессию в ледниках Исландии

Astafieva arranged in a bold photo shoot in incredible Iceland — she chose the largest national Park in the country, Vatnajökull. Actress tried on a few spectacular images — at first she posed in a semi-transparent mini dress in powder colored and tough black boots and fishnet stockings. Dasha beautiful takes off his blue jacket on the background of impressive landscapes.

“By hook or by crook, we got to the glacier…Three dreamer. Of course, Iceland — it is cherished that you can’t hold it in.. otherwise the fears, doubts, and new year parties will take part!” — shared the star.

Невероятно: Даша Астафьева устроила смелую фотосессию в ледниках Исландии

Further, the beauty captured at the edge of the water in the air a beige floor-length dress, which are beautifully fluttering in the wind. Dasha said that she was not cold to play, because in this place she felt alive and very strong.

“Tell us how dreamt of and feared? For many years, the fear was stronger than me. But, for some reason this year, I realized how important it is to step over and execute. Not to know but to try and learn.. to be inspired and to share with people my dream. I’m not cold. Because it is in such places, I feel that I’m alive) I’m strong, and I really appreciate everything that I have today… that’s what warms me” — frankly told the singer.

ASTA said that it was shooting Campana to one of the clothing brands, as well as shared the story of how it happened.

“shoot the campaign. It’s time to tell who is who! Tanya @mogila_tatiana , my man for several years. About 10.
Tanya: stories from Iceland
I’m: -ready to fly there right now!
Tanya: Chestnova??buy the tickets?
Hi, Dream. Everything is logical. I recommend because it is warm in those clothes even in Iceland ! [ who was, who knows] And yet, every jacket, it hugs, the man who pours his heart into what he’s doing! Proud. Love,” wrote Dasha.

Невероятно: Даша Астафьева устроила смелую фотосессию в ледниках Исландии

Spectacular footage did not leave indifferent fans of the stars who showered her with rapturous reviews.

  • Photo was very emotional!) Few people indifferent.
  • Damn…how beautiful!!!
  • My God how beautiful
  • Admire!
  • Incredible, airy and weightless
  • This. Just. WOW
  • Neimovirna
  • Dasha, You are a space
  • I dvka Mmm…
  • Wow, strong spirit of the cold or for anything!
  • You’re the most beautiful in the world no women. That’s so feminine. You would be in Hollywood
  • Duzhe Garneau, but I’m worried dwellers VI is not zahori.
  • What a beautiful Dasha