“Indefensible”: almost half of the episodes have already been shot

“Indefensible”: almost half of the episodes are already shot


Things are going full steam ahead on the set of Indefendable, the new daily drama from TVA where we is on the 70th day of filming out of the 160 needed to complete the first season starting in September.

On the heaviest days, up to 30 scenes are shot at Mels Studios in Montreal, in spaces totaling 20,000 square feet. The office of the Lapointe Macdonald firm was created there as well as a courtroom where the criminal cases involving the two partners, Me André Lapointe (Michel Laperrière) and Me Léo Macdonald (Sébastien Delorme), as well as their team, are heard.< /p>

The QMI Agency was able to attend Tuesday the shooting of a scene, which we will see just before Christmas, in episode 50. The coordinating director Stéphane Simard and the producer of Pixcom Izabel Chevrier, who has been developing the project for two years as designer, based on an original idea by her husband, criminal lawyer Richard Dubé, were also on set. She promised to raise the standards for a daily newspaper, especially in terms of photo direction.

Sébastien Delorme is even busier than in District 31, fiction in which he played Stéphane “Poupou” Pouliot, because in addition to the scenes in the cabinet, he must plead in court. His character, Leo Macdonald, is “bright, savvy and deeply human, but he's also impatient, career-minded and doesn't like to be stomped on,” the comedian said.

“It's is a fine fox, because he must trap people in his cross-examinations, find a way to outsmart them to win his point. It's complete on many levels because he's a flawed character, which makes him very rich and interesting to play.”

As Sébastien Delorme, who comes to work by bike – the only way for him to keep in shape – reminds us, “everyone has the right to full and complete defence”. That does not mean that we will not be unhappy to see innocent people being condemned and the opposite is also true, the legal news being proof.

A murderous father

Leo Macdonald became a criminal lawyer because his father was convicted of murder and spent his life behind bars. At the start of the series, Ti-Bill (Jean Maheux), his father, resurfaces, adding a touch of humor due to his clumsiness and his shift from modernity. “Ti-Bill is comical and touching too. Inside the same scene, I can laugh and cry, it's a gift for me”, mentioned the comedian.

Nine major trials will be developed during the first season of 120 episodes as well as twenty other causes. We will also look at the victims, relatives, witnesses and jurors.

Some cases will involve Me Marie-Anne Desjardins (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), a “very competent and hardworking” lawyer who suffered trauma at the courthouse. “She is going to need resilience and courage to go back to pleading. There are a lot of nuances to play with my character. From the outset, she was fearless and was able to do her job well,” said Anne-Élisabeth Bossé.

Among all the characters evolving at the firm Lapointe Macdonald, there is also the trainee Inès Saïd (Nour Belkhiria). “She is a girl who has quite strong opinions, who is close to her emotions. I am a lawyer in life, so I understand what she is going through. Training has nothing to do with dealing with criminals, you learn that on the job,” said the actress.

And the mentor in the office is Me André The point. The actor Michel Laperrière speaks of a “taking” project in which he portrays a “very sensitive” and “empathetic” man. “It changes a daily life, but I knew what I was getting into. Reading the scripts, I found that there were a lot of very rich stories and a lot of humanity; a humanist side that we currently need, I think.”

Note that due to an outbreak of COVID-19 this spring, it is necessary to return missing scenes in the first episodes, so that the team is pleased to have taken the lead.

The daily Indéfendable will be presented from Monday to Thursday, at 7 p.m., directly against the daily news of HERE TV, Stat.