Infanticide in Laval: the father is still unable to appear

Infanticide in Laval: father still unable to compare tre


The father accused of killing two of his children on Monday evening in Laval is still unable to appear due to his state of health. 

The appearance of Kamaljit Arora, 45, scheduled for Wednesday was postponed to the next day at the Laval courthouse. 

His lawyer has still not been able to establish contact with him. He remains in a hospital. 

Arora was charged on Tuesday with the premeditated murders of his daughter Anzel Arora, 13, and his son Aaron Arora, 11, as well as assault. done by strangulation on his spouse. However, he was unable to appear at the time. 

According to our information, the father of three children probably consumed an unknown substance in order to end his life, but without success .

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