Inflation: Quebecers pay too much tax, according to Minister Girard

Inflation: Quebecers pay too much tax, says minister Girard


A new one-time financial aid to citizens before the fall is ruled out, despite the record rise in inflation in May. Minister Eric Girard nevertheless sets the table for the elections, acknowledging that Quebecers pay too much tax.  

The cost of living continues to rise in Canada. Inflation reached 7.7% in May, the highest annual increase observed since January 1983. 

The Minister of Finance is aware that the rise in the price of the grocery basket and the essence affects Quebecers. And the summit may not yet be reached. “It could be higher in June,” he said Wednesday morning, at the entrance to the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers. 

Finance Minister Eric Girard

His government plans to offer another one-time financial aid to citizens in the fall, after the elections. No question, however, of another special help during the summer. Eric Girard recalled that low-income citizens had received a sum of $200 to $275 in January. Not to mention the $500 granted to a majority of Quebecers in the last tax return. 

A Léger poll published Wednesday in the pages of the Journalrevealed that a tax cut appears to be the most popular measure among citizens to deal with inflation. Dominique Anglade's Liberals have already made this an election promise, which would apply as of fiscal 2022.

Minister Girard will wait for the publication of the pre-election report on the state of public finances before commit. But he is not surprised by the results of the probe.

“Quebecers pay a lot of taxes, especially when compared to Ontario, and we tend to believe that it is Quebecers who make the most money who pay the most taxes, but, all things considered , it's really all Quebecers who pay too much tax,” he said.

Tax cuts next year

If we are to believe its leader, a possible tax cut would not apply until next year, however.

“The overinflation for the year 2022, we have already sent a check for $500 in April and in December, there will be a check to compensate for the overinflation. In an average consumption basket for the year 2022, Quebecers will be compensated. For the following years, we do not exclude tax cuts,” said François Legault, passing through La Baie. 

Inflation: Quebecers pay too much tax, according to Minister Girard

Inflation: Quebecers pay too much tax, according to Minister Girard

However, the Prime Minister believes that we must be careful with tax cuts in the current context. “There may be a global recession coming. I prefer to send a check, let [the] people choose” what this sum will be used for, he insisted. 

– With the collaboration of Martin Lavoie