Inflation will accelerate to 6% by year-end

The national Bank of Ukraine has changed its forecast on the inflation processes in the country.

Инфляция ускорится до 6% к концу года

About it reports “Hvil”.

On 23 April, the head of the national Bank Yakov Smoliy said that the growth of consumer prices by the end of 2020 will amount to 6%. In the course of the year inflation will be within 5%, however, by the end of the year inflation will reach 6%.

The regulator has revised its forecast in respect of the international reserves of Ukraine. So, the country will lose more than $ 2 billion by the end of 2020, the international reserves will drop from 29.3 billion dollars to 27.2 billion dollars.

Yakov Smoliy assured that the International monetary Fund and other official external financing will keep the level of international reserves of Ukraine in the range from 27 billion to 29 billion. It is projected that in 2021, the international reserves of Ukraine amounted to 28.6 billion dollars, and in 2022 – 28 billion.