Influential American lawyer accused of killing his wife and son

Influential American lawyer accused of killing his wife and son


An influential American lawyer, at the heart of a dark drawer case that has been in the news for more than a year, was charged Thursday with the murder of his son and his wife. 

Alex Murdaugh, 54, is charged with killing his wife Maggie with a gun, and his son Paul with a handgun, on June 7, 2021, according to the indictment. indictment passed by a grand jury in South Carolina.

That day, he had called the emergency services, explaining that he had found the bodies of his wife, 52, and his son, a 22-year-old student, riddled with bullets in front of the family pavilion. 

Member of a family of very wealthy and influential local notables, he had denied any responsibility in the crime and had not been officially implicated.

In September 2021, however, the spotlight had gone pointed at him when he tried to stage his own death as part of an insurance scam.

Confused by the police, he admitted to having asked a former client to shoot him so that his last son still alive would receive $ 10 million in life insurance. The shooter shot him in the head on September 4, but Alex Murdaugh survived.

Alex Murdaugh

At the time, his lawyer had assured that he suffered from a serious addiction to opiates for 20 years and that he broke down after the death of his relatives. 

Investigators had, however, begun to look more closely into his cases .

In recent months, more than 70 charges of fraud have been brought against him, and he has been placed in detention.

In concrete terms, he is suspected of having embezzled customers' money from his law firm, for an estimated total of more than $8.5 million.

He was also charged with money laundering in connection with an opiate trade.< /p>

Authorities also opened investigations into the death of her domestic worker in 2018. At the time, Alex Murdaugh explained that she fell down the stairs after tripping over a dog and the death was ruled as “natural

But, until today, he had not been charged with the murder of his son and his wife. According to US media, he was ultimately confused by suspicious bloodstains on his clothing and telephone stubs inconsistent with his alibi.

Alex Murdaugh's family heritage, including father, grandfather and great-grandfather served as prosecutors for a total of 87 years, fueling suspicions of possible law enforcement complacency in the case.

The press also recalls that his son Paul had a boating accident in 2019, during which a young woman died. He had been charged with “drunken boating causing death”, but no trial was ever scheduled. His death put an end to the proceedings.