Injections of wrinkles in beauty salons are very dangerous

To date, a large number of women resort to injections in the lips or forehead to get rid of wrinkles. For this purpose they visit beauty salons, which is very dangerous, writes Tages-Anzeiger.

Уколы от морщин в салонах красоты очень опасны

According to Swiss doctors in recent years have increased the number of different beauty salons which offer quick methods of rejuvenation, in particular, injections of collagen, Botox, hyaluronic acid. This procedure is not complicated, it contributes to the augmentation of lips, wrinkles and so on.

Especially, according to the correspondent of the publication Tages-Anzeiger Mike Aaby, salons in most cases offer hyaluronic acid. This, according to her, now the most popular trend. despite the fact that the substance injected into the body, quite expensive, can now be bought online at a bargain price.

That is why, writes the journalist, the experts of the Union of plastic surgeons Switzerland and other medical associations are sounding the alarm. They sent a letter to the Swiss Agency controlling drugs by Swissmedic to conduct. In their message — the request for a ban on the exercise of such injections cosmetologists in various small and medium-sized salons.
Specialists of the Union of surgeons believe that such injection can produce only surgeons.

They noted in his letter to the officials of the Agency, in the salons often do injections without special training, and “done wrong injections have the consequences that can be compared with the disaster.” These injections can lead to abscesses, blindness and other such “effects”.

According to Ruth Humbel, a member of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland, this whole mania of beauty — it’s chaos. Members of the Union declare that the injection of hyaluronic acid cosmetologists should be prohibited.