Injured during a fire in downtown Toronto, the captain was discharged from hospital (PHOTO)

Пострадавший во время пожара в центре Торонто брандмейстер выписался из больницы   (ФОТО)

Fire officer Toronto with serious injuries during fire fighting in the city centre at the beginning of this month was discharged from the hospital.

“That’s great news! @Toronto_Fire captain of the fire Department of Warren (on a gurney) and fire Leimonis (on crutches) together and leave the hospital – tweeted the captain of the fire Department of Toronto Matthew Pegg on Saturday evening. – They said “we came here together, we’re going out.” On the road to recovery!”

A fire broke out in a vacant three-storey house in the area of Jarvis and Shuter streets about 2 a.m. on November 2.

Two of these firefighters were trying to get on the roof to conduct ventilation of the building, but when going onto the ledge of the third floor could not resist and fell.

Warren was taken to the trauma center in critical condition. He lay in intensive care for more than a week.

Leimonis got a broken leg and is recovering as an outpatient.

A fire in a three-storey building is being investigated as arson. Police have released a composite sketch of the suspect.