Innovation in Russia ridiculed tagged caricature

Новшество в России высмеяли меткой карикатурой

New work by Andrei Petrenko.

The network has ridiculed apartments with a minimum area in Moscow (Russia), which was invented for low-income citizens, reports the Apostrophe.

The image was created by artist Andrei Petrenko and posted on his Twitter page.

We will remind, in Moscow, began to sell apartments with the size of the doghouse: an area of 3×3.5 meters.

The artist has painted it, as theoretically look of these apartments for the Russians. He portrayed the booth from the movie about Chipolino. Square wooden buildings the meter on. So, in the view of users of the network, looks for new housing.

Новшество в России высмеяли меткой карикатурой