Insects that can infect humans with diseases


In the hot months not only increases the number of insects, but also significantly increases our chance to meet them: we are outdoors, wear revealing clothes, and is exposed to a real danger. The fact that even contact with ordinary mosquito can result in trouble. Here is a list of six common insects that can infect you with dangerous diseases.

Насекомые, которые могут заразить человека опасными заболеваниями


Really dangerous diseases mosquitoes carry in Africa and South America: there is the bite of this insect it is possible to get malaria, virus, zika or West Nile. But if you think that in our country you have nothing to fear, then nothing. The local mosquitoes buzzing not only disgusting, but also can show you have Skeeter syndrome – a severe allergic reaction to a bite, which is characterized by great inflammation, and fever and General malaise.


About the dangers of ticks to remind you do not have to. Tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease – a serious disease that is transmitted through the bite of this insect.

Bees and wasps

The data bites of insects often lead to anaphylactic shock – so in some cases a severe allergic reaction. Moreover, the reaction can be so serious that will require emergency medical care – will require an injection of adrenaline. In other cases, anaphylaxis is characterized by severe swelling, dizziness, fainting and hives.

The red fire ant

You may not even know that you are allergic to the bite of red fire ant, but if you have it still there, it is better with this insect not to meet. To meet you can in South America and in the southern United States. People who are allergic to the bite of the ant can lead to death. Be careful if you are going on vacation in the above mentioned regions.

Createmovie bug

Createmovie bug (also called kissing bug) is the vector of Chagas disease, a tropical parasitic disease that can develop within 30 years after infection, and in the end affect your internal organs, including the heart. This kissing bug called because it prefers to bite people in the area of the lips. The insect is also common mainly in South America, so be careful if you intend to visit.


Fleas are the most famous carrier of the “medieval” diseases – bubonic plague. Now the risk of Contracting it via a flea bite is extremely low, but this does not mean that the insect is safe. Cat fleas can infect you with Bartonella bacteria that is the cause of cat scratch disease.

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