Insider: “Selena Gomez knows she’s better off without Justin Bieber”

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were together for 7 years. So some people think that the wedding of a former lover with Hailey Baldwin could hurt the singer. However, Selena proves that she’s busy now with more important things.

Инсайдер: «Селена Гомес знает, что ей лучше без Джастина Бибера»

Gomez has written a serious and emotional essay for Time about the immigration crisis. It was published just hours after Justin and Haley said to each other the coveted “Yes”. According to a source, Selena understands that Bieber is her past.

She knows she’s better off without Justin, and that’s the most sensible decision for her,

― the insider reports. According to him, the singer is now open to new acquaintances, but it is completely focused on themselves. She enjoys life and tries to return to the Selene that she and all her family knew even before I met Justin Bieber.

It is supported by friends and family, with whom she spends time. Selena tries to avoid public places and does not want to be the center of attention. It can make her feel depressed and overwhelmed.

Like Selena has a whole support system, and she’s insanely grateful for it,

― told a source. He believes that thanks to her Gomez have coped with the anxiety and was able to heal.

Now Selena talks about global things. In her essay, she talked about the fact that the last four decades, her family worked hard to become U.S. citizens. Her aunt illegally crossed the border between America and Mexico in 1970. So Gomez is really concerned about the issue of immigration. According to her, the thought of having it daily.