Instagram and WhatsApp have a surprise for its users: what will change

Instagram и WhatsApp приготовили сюрприз своим пользователям: что изменится

The company Facebook plans to add in the name of the applications Instagram and WhatsApp clarification “from Facebook”. Changed the name of Instagram and WhatsApp will appear in the Apple app store and Google Play, as well as within applications.

Thus in near future the company has no plans to change the name displayed on the screen of mobile devices. Changes related to the fact that the Antimonopoly service of the United States are studying the process of acquisition by the company of these Facebook applications. In addition, adding a note “from Facebook,” the company wants to increase reputation, which worsened because of the scandal with the leak of user data, reports The Information.

The press Secretary Facebook Bertie Thomson confirmed the rebranding Instagram and WhatsApp. He explained that it is necessary to specify the affiliation applications to the “Facebook family”. Staff Instagram and WhatsApp received with concern the news because the lack of public relations with Facebook have helped them to avoid the scandals associated with the company.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, July 24, the Federal trade Commission (FTC) finally decided on a punishment for the company Facebook for allowing a massive leak of personal data of users. The company Mark Zuckerberg needs to pay a record penalty of $ 5 billion.

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