Instagram likes will no longer be what is happening

Лайков в Instagram больше не будет: что происходит

In the social network Instagram announced that it is launching a global experiment on the refusal of the likes under the photos. If the experiment is successful, the social network will eventually block the system of likes and stop the eternal race for a number of “dobralak” under the photo.

In the first stage of the experiment covered seven countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. Everywhere the response was positive, because Instagram decided to pursue testing of the revolutionary changes.

Starting November 14, users all over the world can see that you no longer see any number of likes or number of views under the pictures on other people’s pages. Participants will be selected at random, because it is impossible to say at what moment completely lost the ability to “atlacatl” foreign publication.

At the same time, Instagram is recognized that many photographers important feedback from subscribers. Currently, developers are coming up with new ways to specify the author of a particularly good photo.

Earlier, Instagram explained that they intend to classify the number of likes under a photo for mental health users. And Ulyana Suprun told about the latest medical research on the subject.

A record number of likes in Instagram got in 2018 photo of Kylie Jenner with a newborn daughter. The per day “was prosaically” more than 13.6 million times.

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