Installed, in which case eggs for Breakfast can harm the heart

Some time ago, foreign scientists said that eating eggs can increase the risk of heart diseases. In the new study, experts found that when eaten for Breakfast the eggs can really hurt.

Установлено, в каком случае яйца на завтрак могут вредить сердцу

Employees of the University of Texas was conducted two experiments to find out how significant could be the harm of eggs used for Breakfast. Before by a number of scientists had suggested that eggs are a rich source of cholesterol and therefore their daily consumption cannot be considered a healthy habit. There were even the idea that eating eggs in this regard causes human health harms more than the proverbial fast food, contributing to the development of atherosclerotic phenomena, potential stroke and pre-stroke conditions.

However, the experiments did not confirm such properties of eggs. The authors stated that regular consumption of eggs does not lead to an overabundance of saturated fat in the body, which could contribute to problems with heart and blood vessels.

“For healthy people there are no restrictions on egg consumption,” concluded the authors.

But at the same time, this conclusion of the scientists is to use “eggs without harmful additives” — that is without support in the form of butter, bacon or sausage. The researchers noted that often, talking about eggs for Breakfast, people mean the fried eggs that contain additional ingredients significantly increase the fat and calorie meals in General. To use eggs in this set experts do not recommend.