Instead of Federal assistance in connection with the coronavirus firefighter from Indiana received $8.2 million

A resident of Indiana, pending the payment of Federal assistance in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, accidentally discovered on his Bank account for 8.2 million dollars, writes Fox News.

Вместо федеральной помощи в связи с коронавирусом пожарный из Индианы получил $8,2 млн

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Firefighter-volunteer from Indiana, survived the surprise will remember for a lifetime.

Charles Calvin from new Chicago, Indiana, told a local television station that the second week of April took out 200 dollars from her checking account at the ATM.

He looked at my receipt and noticed several more zeros — much more than usual. The man told reporters that the amount in his Bank account amounted to 8.2 million dollars.

It was assumed that Calvin will receive $ 1,700 in payments, the situation of most Americans in connection with the difficulties encountered in the economy of the country due to the pandemic coronavirus.

Fireman said again checked my card via ATM to ensure that the data was accurate. All was confirmed: he was suddenly a millionaire.

According to Calvin, he immediately called his Bank to report the newfound wealth, but by the time when banking services began an investigation of money in the account was gone.

The Bank informed him that his Federal payment of $ 1,700 was sent. But the man still wonders whether the error is accidental or in fact, taxpayers in the United States do not receive the necessary amount of money.

“In a sense, it sucks,’ said the man. But, Hey, if you’re poor, you have no other way but up.”

Calvin not sure where to look for blame in his casual, but he still glad that in the end received the promised $ 1,700.



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