Institute of naramata Poland have discovered a previously unknown burial in the camp Treblinka I (PHOTOS)

Институт нацпамяти Польши обнаружил ранее неизвестное захоронение в концлагере Треблинка I (ФОТО)

Experts from the Institute of national remembrance (IPN) in Poland has discovered a previously unknown mass grave in the former Nazi concentration camp Treblinka I. the representatives of the Institute on Thursday reported the Polish press Agency.

“In the former German Nazi labor camp Treblinka the prosecutors of the Institute of national memory, along with an international team of experts discovered an unknown mass grave of victims,” said the investigators. They stressed that “the discovery was made at the site of the present forest Park”, reports TASS.

The size of the grave 4.5 3.4 meters. Human remains were found after removing the upper soil layer (10-15 cm). The bones were not in anatomical order. There have been found fragments of clothing, metal buckle and bullets from short-barreled and long-barreled small arms. Of INP at this stage is not going to carry out the exhumation. While experts to investigate the number and size of pits in which were buried the remains. In this work involves archaeologists, anthropologists, criminologists, forensic scientists. In addition, the study involved representatives of the Roma and Jewish communities, according to PolskieRadio24.

The death camp in Treblinka (Treblinka II) was built by the Nazis in the middle of 1942 near the already existing labour camp 80 km from Warsaw. According to historians, there were killed about 900 thousand people.

2 August 1943 in the concentration camp revolt, prepared by the secret group. It was attended by about 800 prisoners. Only 300 of them managed to break through the fence. To escape from persecution was only 70 prisoners, which survived until the end of the war. The camp existed until November 1943.

The camp Treblinka I was originally used to hold the poles. There, in particular, were sent prisoners from the Warsaw Pawiak political prisoners. Later in Treblinka I began to bring Jews. Until the end of July 1944, when the camp was liquidated, have passed through 20 thousand people. Half of them died.

The work of the investigation division of INP and a group of experts from Poland, Austria, Norway and the UK aimed at identifying not only collective and individual graves of concentration camp prisoners, but also on search of places of mass executions.