Intensive care: “we are going into a wall”

Intensive care: “we're going into a wall”


With the 8th wave of COVID-19 and the other viruses that are added, the emergency room could overflow even more, endangering the health of some patients according to hospital staff, worried by the situation.  

“Quebec is on the verge of a crisis,” declared intensive care specialist Amélie Boisclair on QUB radio.

Wednesday morning, TVA Nouvelles revealed that the emergency room at Fleury Hospital in Montreal was overflowing . At the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital, patients admitted to intensive care did not have specialized beds.

“Yesterday I had two or three patients admitted to intensive care, but who occupied hospital beds. emergency in the hallway. For the nurse, it's a huge workload,” explained Dr. Boisclair.

When an 86-year-old woman had to wait for more than an hour in the emergency garage, the entire medical staff felt responsible.

The intensivist warns the government: medical staff are exhausted.

The desperate situation in hospitals is likely to worsen with the shortage of manpower and the staff falling ill.

The occupancy rates of certain emergencies reached 203% overnight from Sunday to Monday and medical specialists are not reassured.

“We stretch the rubber band. We are going into a wall,” lamented Dr. Boisclair. 

She recalls that several hospitals have submitted local initiatives that would provide solutions to certain regional problems.

According to her, unfortunately, the government prefers to standardize the ways of doing things.

The health professional from the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital also reminded people to be careful and to respect good practices. hygiene: masks, hand washing, distancing if necessary.

“If it works for COVID, it will work for the other viruses that attack our children and people who have lung diseases”, a- she indicated.