Intensive running can lead to sudden cardiac arrest

Jogging is perceived by many as part of a healthy lifestyle, but Harvard scientists have concluded: the intensive running can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

Интенсивный бег может привести к внезапной остановке сердца

Experts at Harvard University conducted a study that showed that cardio at high speeds can have a negative impact on your health and can kill heart muscle. Especially a great risk in this plan is the people who decide to start Jogging after years was slow-moving and far from the sport.

“If the people who were sedentary and not very healthy lifestyle, I will begin immediately intensive to do a run, their heart it can simply not withstand the load,” warned the researchers.

According to them, intense run can hurt even those who are into running on a regular basis. Fans of this type of training must be observed periodically by a cardiologist to examine the heart, the researchers said.

Experts say that the condition of the heart is influenced by many circumstances of life, including stress and polluted air. People may not realize that their heart is affected and has damage. Jogging can become the pressure that will cause the heart to “finally break”.

Experts emphasize that physical activity should not be excessive and exhausting.

“An excellent alternative for sports — interval running with a combination of high and low speed and Jogging at a low speed. If your goal is to improve your endurance, try yoga. The regular practice of yoga will give you flexibility, as well as the moral balance and serenity,” reported the researchers.