Interesting facts about teeth

Did you know that one child in two thousand born with teeth? But they are not dairy or permanent.

Любопытные факты о зубах

Teeth are as unique as fingerprints – using dentists are able to establish the identity of dead people. The teeth have individual shape, location and size. Even among twins it will be perfect. Therefore, the teeth can easily learn anyone if he has ever visited the dentist.

About 5% of modern people no rudiments of wisdom teeth. About 20% have beginnings, but the teeth do not erupt. Now Europe is the most toothy – approximately 30% of the population of Africa and Asia there is at least one wisdom tooth, and less often third molars grow in inhabitants of Greenland and Alaska. Often the lack of wisdom teeth is due to lack of space on the jaw.

Infants can be special teeth. About one child in two thousand born with teeth. Most often they are small in size and are located in the mandible, but there are also some teeth that look exactly like milk. At the same time they are not is Natal teeth. It is usually removed. On the development of primary and permanent teeth Natal teeth have no effect.

Tooth decay can be fatal. With deep caries increases the risk of atherosclerosis, which in turn is a factor of vascular events – heart attack and stroke. The fact that bacteria enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation of the vessel walls.