Interface “brain-computer” will make people think

“Neural interfaces linking the human brain with computers using artificial intelligence will allow people to read other people’s minds, say leading scientists. A new report from the Royal society, outlines the advantages of this technology, but scientists warn that possible serious risks if it falls into the wrong hands,” reports The Independent.

Интерфейс «мозг-компьютер» сделает людей телепатами

“Interfaces “brain-computer” is already developed Facebook and the company Neuralink Elon musk, and, according to the report, by 2040, neural interfaces will become the “generally accepted version” of effective treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, writes The Independent. — It is expected that this will be followed by more futuristic inventions, such as brain implants that will allow people to actually experience the taste, smell and see no real physical experiences sensation. The report also details how such equipment can improve the memory of people, improve their vision and even allow to transmit thoughts from one person to another. People can somewhat be telepathic, able to communicate not only without speaking, but without words — through access to each other’s thoughts at a conceptual level”.

“From the brain to the brain can be transmitted not only thoughts, but feelings. Whoever is on vacation will be able to transmit the “neural card”, reflecting on what he sees, hears or tastes, sending it into the brain of his friend, who stayed at home”, — stated in the article.

“The report calls for the government to start a national study in this open area to set the direction of technology development, — says the publication. — Scientists state the ethical issues of this technology, such as protecting privacy and preventing its use as a tool for observation. Also raises the question of how such technologies affect what it means to be human. If implantable chips take over control of certain decision-making processes, whether this person is still himself or is he now partially a car?”

Earlier this year Neuralink presented implantable “threads”, which directly connects the human brain with a computer. Their goal is to help paralyzed people control a computer to improve communication skills, but Neuralink CEO Elon Musk stated that the technology “will eventually reach a kind of symbiosis with artificial intelligence”, — the newspaper reminds.

Musk has repeatedly warned about the dangers of advanced artificial intelligence, arguing that in the future people can be so out-machines that in the end they will look at people just as people now look at Pets. “I don’t like the idea of being a domestic cat. So how to solve this problem? — it asked a question during a technology conference in 2016. — I believe that the best solution would be to add a level of consciousness AI”. According to him, the key to achieving the parity with the advanced AI is a kind of “neural lace”, which is being developed in Neuralink. His company plans to begin clinical testing of the technology next year.

“Facebook calls this a new era of cyborgs “the next big wave in human-oriented information technologies” and is working on a headset, which probably is the first step towards telepathic communication. In July, the tech giant has published an article in Nature Communications describing a headset that can transmit a person’s thoughts directly on the computer screen. At the moment the device can only decrypt a small selection of words, but the firm hopes that one day she will work to easily decipher the thoughts,” the article says.