International investors have promised to monitor the actions of the new head of the NBU

Международные инвесторы обещают следить за действиями нового главы НБУ

American investors and business organizations have expressed the hope that the new head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko will continue to ensure the independence of the regulator.

As noted by the head of the U.S.-Ukraine business Council (USUBC) Morgan Williams, foreign business will closely monitor the actions of the NBU.

“The members of USUBC have not seen a compelling reason to change the head of the National Bank, but it happened. Kirill Shevchenko is a professional banker, who behind effective leadership of large state-owned banks,” said Williams.

“The American-Ukrainian business Council think that Shevchenko will be able to cope with its obligations in this important position,” he added.

However, Williams also noted that for the private sector the key issue will be how independent will remain a national Bank with a new leader.

“The business will be to watch over the actions of the NBU in the next months”, — added the President of the USUBC

Kirill Shevchenko — the new head of the national Bank

American-Ukrainian business Council was established in 1995. It aims at the promotion of investment and promotion of the interests of U.S. companies in the Ukrainian market. USUBC is working to improve conditions for bilateral trade and promotes business relations between USA and Ukraine.