International students struggle to find accommodation in Trois-Rivières

International students struggle to find accommodation in Trois-Rivières


As the start of the new school year approaches, international students feel more and more pressure to find accommodation; a mission that turns out to be more complicated than expected in Trois-Rivières.

It is because housing is becoming rarer than ever in Trois-Rivières, where the vacancy rate is less than 1%.

At the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR), several appeals to all have already been launched to find accommodation to accommodate students. Even internally, words were sent.

Usually, international students can complete their registration on Quebec soil, then find accommodation afterwards. This year, we recommended finding one before arriving.

“Our residences are already full. At the start of the school year, the student who wants to come here, by finding accommodation a few steps from campus, will be practically impossible,” said Jean-François Hinse, communications officer for UQTR.

< p>A woman who responded positively to the call agreed to share her experience. Sylvie Carrier is hosting two international students in her home for the first time.

“I thought these people had a lot of courage to come here. They pay a lot of money to go to school. They are people who are serious, hard-working, polite…”, she confided.

After having had a hundred requests, it is finally a student in the master's program in mathematics and applied computer science from UQTR who lives with her. She offered him a bedroom in the basement with a kitchen, a small living room and a separate bathroom.

His search for accommodation was difficult. Finding accommodation was quite a relief a few days before the start of the school year.

“I said to myself: ''am I going to find accommodation by September?'' Classes are about to start and everything… I couldn't find accommodation that suited me. They were unfurnished apartments and the prices were a bit high,” explained Aminata Diop.

This is the challenge of many international students who want to study at UQTR. Some will certainly have to leave Trois-Rivières to find accommodation.

At the Cégep de Trois-Rivières, approximately 80 international students are expected to arrive. For now, each of them has found accommodation, but from year to year it becomes more and more difficult.

“If I take the example of international students, we always manage to find them a place in accommodation. I won't hide from you that it has become more and more difficult over the past two years. Certainly more expensive,” added the Cégep's student and community life coordinator, Isabelle Philibert.

The 204 places in the residences quickly found takers when there were more than 400 requests.

The craze is also being felt at Collège Laflèche.

“Normally, our rentals are done around the month of May while there, this year, it was more at the level of the month of March that it was settled. We had a lot of requests that we weren't necessarily able to follow up on. We put these people on waiting lists,” testified the coordinator of student residences at Collège Laflèche, Maximilien Larose.

Several international students will only arrive in a few weeks, especially those who have still not received their study permit.

Notice to those who have rooms or accommodation available: they are welcome!

You can contact UQTR ( ) and other schools to show your interest.