Interruption of two major projects: the City of Montreal denies being in default of payment

Interruption of two major construction sites: the City of Montreal denies being in danger must be paid


The City of Montreal defended Monday to be responsible for the interruption of two major construction sites and denies being in default of payment with regard to the contractors who obtained the contracts for the construction of a compost treatment plant in the borough of Saint-Laurent and a biomethanization plant in Montreal-East. 

“The City of Montreal is not in default of payment, insisted the cabinet of Mayor Valérie Plante in a message sent to TVA Nouvelles on Monday. The City has a fixed contract with the company Veolia, which is responsible for assuming the additional costs related to the construction of the two plants and for paying its service provider.

“Our administration makes ecological transition a priority and it is out of the question for a private dispute between two companies to hold the construction of composting and biomethanation centers hostage. The City's contract is clear and all necessary actions will be taken to ensure its implementation.”

Formal notices

Moreover, the City of Montreal has confirmed that it has sent the contractors two formal notices and if the resumption of construction sites does not take place quickly, the case will end up in court, threatened the City.

In the file of the compost treatment plant on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard West, near Highway 13, the contractor had agreed, according to the contract, to carry out the work on September 21, 2021.

Moreover, according to our information, the company had until the end of August to produce a report detailing the reasons for the delay.

The City now reserves the right to involve the company providing the surety under construction.