Intimidation at OD: Production J announces a “complete overhaul” of its show

Intimidation at OD: Production J announces a «complete redesign


The eviction of the three intimidating candidates was not enough: Couche-Tard was added to the list of four sponsors who decided to dissociate themselves from OD Martinique. Faced with the scale of the crisis, producer Production J was forced to completely overhaul the show.  

In order to stop the bleeding, the production had no choice but to take concrete actions. In a press release, entitled Évolution double, the media were informed Thursday evening of the “complete redesign” of the reality show. 

All episodes of the series were first removed from the broadcaster's site and a decision was made to remove the three contestants from the screen as of Thursday evening. In the episode broadcast on noovo, there were no more traces of the candidates deemed toxic, Philippe, Isaack and Félix. According to our sources, the Production J team proceeded with a quick reissue of the episode during the day.

FRIDAYS OD, OD EXTRA and OD WEEK-END will also have a break this week. Sunday's show will begin with the announcement to the candidates of the excluded participants and the explanation of the reasons for their exclusion.

The elimination supper will be transformed “into discussion, information and awareness of non-violent communication with the author India Desjardins, who flew to Martinique on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, and the professor in the prevention of the intimidation of UQAM, Stéphane Villeneuve.

Withdrawal of Couche-Tard

After Shop Santé, Oraki, Polysleep and Twenty Compass which had withdrawn from the adventure as sponsors earlier this week, Couche-Tard announced that it was following suit. The company announced the news on its Instagram page early Thursday evening.

“While we recognize that corrective measures have been taken by the production company, we have made the decision to terminate our agreement with Occupation Double, effective immediately,” reads the most recent Instagram post. from Couche-Tard.

The latter stressed that the behaviors observed on the show do not correspond to their values ​​and that she strongly condemned any form of intimidation or harassment. All while emphasizing that their corporate culture is based on honesty, integrity and inclusion.

Zero tolerance for young people

Pierre Barrette, director at UQAM's School of Media, is not surprised at the scale of the crisis. According to him, it is not the power of intimidation, but the level of public tolerance for this type of behavior that has changed over the years. It was the refusal of OD viewers to condone certain acts of intimidation combined with the withdrawal of now five sponsors from the show that led to the ousting of problematic contestants.

This edition of 'OD shows, in his view, how much the line of what is acceptable has shifted in recent years.

“Today, the issue of respect between individuals and intimidation does not pass and the communication channels given to the public to express themselves are numerous and instantaneous, he believes. People have the ability to be very vocal on social media which creates a movement that, at some point, can snowball. The audience chooses! »

He says he is not surprised by the recent radical gestures of the production, for whom the pressure must have started to be very strong as the degree of tension generated on social networks rose. The fact that we invited a public figure loved by young people like the author India Desjardins – “and not an obscure psychologist” – also represents, he believes, a mix between a real desire to restore a better climate, a clearance of production for the public and a marketing coup.

“It shows that there is a collective awareness of psychological violence,” continues Stéfany Boivert, professor at the School of Media. Obviously sensitivities change and programs must adapt. If there is anything constructive to take away from all of this, it is that it leads us to reflect on, condemn and criticize oppressive behavior. »