Into space on a balloon: the company in USA will offer visitors a unique experience

Space startup announced that researchers, astronauts and even brides and grooms seeking a memorable experience will soon be able to enjoy the view from the height of 100 000 feet (30.4 km) in a pressurized cabin in a balloon with a bar and a lounge. This writes CBS News.

В космос на воздушном шаре: компания в США предложит туристам уникальный опыт

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Space ship “Neptune”, managed by the company Space Perspective with leased facilities in the Space center Kennedy, will carry eight passengers at a time for six hours. The passenger raised a huge, a hydrogen-filled balloon will rise at a speed of 12 mph (19.3 km) to an altitude of about 30 miles (48.2 km). This was followed by a slow descent into the Atlantic ocean, where it will be a rescue ship to protect the passengers and crew.

It is expected that test flights will begin in 2021. The first voyages with passengers expected over the next three and a half years, and yet – a manned test flights.

Though initially the company will operate outside of the spaceport Florida, the system can be launched from multiple sites around the world.

“I think we will see a variety of flights. Scientific missions will be really interesting – it will be a combination of tourism and science,” said representatives of a startup.

Space Perspective signed an Agreement on space act, NASA, and the company agreed to lease a property 3 miles long, which once used to return the space Shuttle. Mission “Neptune” will lead the Management of the space flight of the United States.

“Space Perspective brings new opportunities. They will expand the offers that we have in Florida for space exploration and tourism, – said the President and CEO of Space Florida Frank Dibello. – His presence here in Florida, not only creates opportunities for work and supplies, but also for the civilian the opportunity to see planet Earth from space. This privilege previously was only available to few”.

McCallum and CEO Jane Poynter said extensive market research showed a strong interest in missions among a wide range of users.

“We want people could really experience what I’m talking about the astronauts when they see Earth from space. And we want it to be comfortable, soft and accessible, says Poynter. – At the same time will fly eight people, with a crew member in the capsule. Of course, you can chat with your friends. We have some really great communication systems. The whole capsule was designed to be truly comfortable and allow you to see it.”

Regarding weddings she said “Neptune” will provide the “best venue ever”.