Into the Central and southern United States moves the storm: expected severe thunderstorms and tornadoes

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, after storms Wednesday, March 18 Thursday, March 19, in the Central and southern parts of the United States expected severe thunderstorms, including the high likelihood of a tornado. About it writes USA Today.

На центр и юг США движется шторм: ожидаются сильные грозы и торнадо

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In the center of the hurricane, said that in addition to the tornado, the residents of this region are waiting for a strong wind and a hailstorm.

Severe weather is likely to hit Eastern Texas, Eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, southern Iowa and Eastern Nebraska.

“Thursday will be the most dangerous day of the week, due to the likelihood of a tornado,” says AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski. Cities that suffer from the storm include Indianapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas city, Cincinnati and Louisville.

Since Thursday, a few storms may move from South-West to North-East in the same areas, AccuWeather reported that the risk of flash floods will be higher than in previous days.

Severe weather is part of the same storm, which, according to forecasts, Thursday, March 19, will bring snow storms to some areas of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Wednesday, March 18, evening in the Central Texas outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes that damaged homes and property.

According to the Center for prediction of storms, no one was hurt.