Invented a conversion formula of dog age in human

Scientists from the University of California (USA) found a new formula for recalculation of the age of the dog in “human years”.

Изобрели формулу перевода собачьего возраста в человеческий

This method more clearly reflects age-related changes in dogs than the traditional formula according to which one dog year equals seven human years, reports the online edition of Science.

Traditional formula based on the average life span for dogs and humans — 10 and 70 years, respectively.

The new formula proposes to calculate a “human” age of the dog as the natural logarithm of the real age of the dogs multiplied by 16 and to which is added a 31. That is for dogs aged one year, “the human age” is 31 years old (1ln*16+31), two-year — 42.1 years (2ln*16+31), and ten-year — 67.8.

This complexity traditional formula due to the fact that the real biological clock of dogs first go much faster than the human (two year old Labrador still can behave like a puppy, but he is a dog of middle age), but later slowed.

Scientists proposed formula is based on a relatively new concept in the study of aging — the so-called “epigeneticheskikh hours” that occur as a result of chemical modifications of DNA during life. “Epigenetic clock” lets you set the biological age, that is, the effects of diseases, lifestyle and genetics on the body.

To learn how to operate this watch dogs, the researchers conducted a DNA study, which included 104 dogs of breed Labrador Retriever at the age of four weeks to 16 years.