Investment companies expect the devaluation of the hryvnia —

Инвесткомпании ожидают девальвацию гривны —

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The hryvnia is already almost fell to 28 to the dollar

Analysts expect a further decline in the rate of the national currency, but about 30 hryvnia per dollar, not talking.

The investment company of Ukraine predicts further decline of the hryvnia to 28-29 per dollar of pesetero Tuesday, 4 August.

“In its June forecast, we provided a gradual weakening of the autumn to the 28-29 USD per. As can be seen from the last days, the hryvnia is moving to this range faster,” — says the head of the Department of macroeconomic research of the ICU group Serhiy Nikolaichuk.

He noted that the depth of the fall of the hryvnia depends on the actions of the leadership of the National Bank.

“Traditionally, devaluation pressure intensified in the autumn. We expect that the exchange rate will be weaken until the end of 2020 will reach 28,5 USD per. Our forecast assumes that the stream of negative news that affect the situation on the currency market, the increase will not,” say analysts at Concorde Capital

Dragon Capital believe that before the end of 2020, the hryvnia will weaken to 28 per dollar, but expect to revise the forecast in the direction of a deeper devaluation.

We will note, after two months of growth, the hryvnia exchange rate in July started to fall and is now holding at the level of 27.5-28 per dollar.

According to government forecasts, next poduzetni course will dollarcost 29,1 UAH. While the previously expected rate of 29.7 hryvnia.