IPF told how out of the crisis

На ОПЗ рассказали, как выходят из кризиса

Photo: AP

HMO increased its production to five-year high

During the visit to Odessa region the company was visited by the President. He was acquainted with the results of work for a year after the outage.

Directoriesyou port zawodnicy Bird in the course of the meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky said about changes in the enterprise during the year since the resumption of work.

As you know,the OPP resumed work last August after a year of inactivity, provoked by the accumulation of huge debts to suppliers of raw materials. Under the management of the state property Fund, the new management of the HMO is implementing a program of deducing of the enterprise from crisis.

“In less than a year reached a record over the last 5 years the quantity exported for the first 5 months of 2020 in comparison with last year increased salaries by 44%, and began an overhaul of aggregates for the production of ammonia and urea began to repay debts to the Naftogaz of Ukraine”, — said the Bird.

Success in the enterprise explain the subcontracting model.

“Today our plant is actively recovering from the crisis, in which he was. Thanks to tolling, we have breathed new life into the SCR. We see that the subcontracting model allows not only to maintain the plant in a relatively healthy state, but when properly managed — helps it to develop and recover after an outage,” added Bird.