Irakli Makatsaria told how he sees his wedding

After news of that relationship Irakli Makatsaria with the winner of the Alena Lasik came to an end, more details about his personal life ex-Bachelor in the network do not appear.

Иракли Макацария рассказал, какой видит свою свадьбу

Now it is unknown whether the busy heart of Irakli. However, he admits that he dreams about strong family and hopes to soon get married. So, during a recent press conference he said how he sees his wedding.

“His wedding, I definitely did not. It was recently my sister’s wedding, I also took a small part in the wedding preparation. How do you imagine on an emotional level and how it actually happens is very different. Thank God that the wedding was much better than we expected! My wedding I still have no idea. I realized that when I make the guest list, the list may be too large. This process is very complex, it is necessary not to forget anyone. And regarding Kiev, Batumi, Tbilisi or any other city – it is a decision that you need to take both sides. God forbid that this decision I took soon,” — said Irakli.